IFA dismisses Smith’s offer to donate lump sum to charity as ‘spin’

The IFA has said that its former secretary general Pat Smith was attempting to “cover up” his demands for a €2m severance package by offering to donate half to charities.

Following Pat Smith’s statement on Thursday that he wished the IFA to donate his €1 million severance payment lump to Self Help Africa and the Society of St Vincent de Paul, the organisation has replied with a strongly-worded statement describing the suggestion as “total spin”.

The package agreed by former IFA president Eddied Downey includes another €1m to be paid to Smith over 10 years, but the association has described it as “unapproved” and intends to challenge it in court.

Following the IFA executive council meeting that extended from Wednesday into Thursday morning this week, the organisation said: “The IFA Council has rightly disowned this package.”

Acting president Tim O’Leary said on Thursday that Smith had been “fired” and had not resigned. “It is Pat Smith who didn’t want to submit to transparency over his salary. That is totally unacceptable,” the IFA added in its statement.